Day 1

So there has been a frustration building up in me. I have had this blog for a couple of years now and nothing has really come of it. Some people have stumbled across my articles and I have an email list of almost 300 subscribers, but I never send out emails. 

It has honestly been pretty depressing.

But I have got to make this work. I love teaching, and my life recently has hit some circumstances where if I don't make this work, then I won't be able to teach for a long period of time. 

I have got to figure out this teaching thing. And thus, this new section of the website: "Teacher Life"

I am going to figure out this teaching thing whether that be finances, schedules, lesson plans, whatever the complications may be in teaching, I am going to explore them honestly here and let you know how it goes. 

The first concept for the day is the most pressing. Let's talk about the teacher salary.

So, I need an extra stream of income to make teaching work financially. Trust me when I say that I am not complaining about my salary. The school I work for pays me well, and as a teacher, I have the best job in the world. I get to spend time with amazing teachers and students everyday. I have a predictable schedule that works well with my children's schedules. I an amazing variety of tasks in my job, so that there is rarely a dull day. 

The problem is that there just ins't that much money in education (public or private). So to make this work, I need to figure out a side income. And I am not talking about a gig that gives me an extra $10 an hour. I would love to figure out some residual income. 

So, to start that process, I have a lot of options:

- I could continue to blog and build my audience and eventually write a book.

- I could teach Spanish online

- I could create video courses that teach Spanish

- I could write fiction (something that I have always dreamed of doing)

- I could write about psychology because I am planning on going back to get a Masters degree in that.

So, I am going to be exploring each of these areas. They are very different, but again, the over-all idea is to figure out an extra stream of income.

I am going to start by doing what I know. I am going to teach some Spanish using YouTube videos. Eventually I would love to piece all my videos together into a full blown curriculum. 

This is going to be a pretty heafty project, so we will see how it goes. 

Thanks for being here and I'll keep you posted!