So, my name is Paul, but for years, I went by Profe (pronounced Pro - fey). Let me explain...

When I lived in Mexico, a student of mine in the English school where I taught started calling me "Profe". I wasn't great at Spanish, but I was good enough to finally figure out that Profe was short for "profesor." 

So when I started teaching Spanish again at Franklin Christian Academy, I decided that it would be best to go by Profe. Maybe the kids would like the nickname. Besides, I never liked being called Mr Ellsworth anyway.

Well, years later, I was stuck with it. Even the kids that I see now who have graduated still call me Profe. I'm a Spanish teacher and Paul in Spanish is Pablo. So therefore ProfePablo.com.

In December of 2015 with mixed emotions, I said goodbye to teaching. I thought, "I need to be a big boy and get a real job that pays the bills." There was a great opportunity in front of me, so I jumped on it.

It only took me about three months away to really verbalize that teaching was my calling. To be honest, I knew before I left. When I had left teaching, I came out of my best semester in the classroom by far. I was having fun, impacting kids, and rocking the classroom. Since that realization, I have not looked back. 

I love teaching and know it is what I am called to do.

So, why this blog?

1. I want to be intentional about my teaching. I have decided to make teaching a career, so this is my documentation of the journey. I am a professional teacher. I try lots of ideas in the classroom, so I will be sure to let you know what works and what doesn't.

2. I need a place to start conversations with other teachers about teaching.  I am sure I have amazing information that can help you, but in reality, I WANT YOU TO HELP ME! This is an open conversation and interaction through this blog and social media can make us all better teachers.

3. I need a place to document my research. I am fascinated by psychology. This website will be a good place to throw around some ideas and get some good feed back. I read a lot, so I will be sure to talk about what I have been reading.

4. I need a place to put my teaching content. I am determined to stop creating new lesson plans every year! I am going to put well documented lesson plans on this website. It's mainly for my sake, but if it helps someone else, GREAT!

One final note:
As a reader you can expect me to be honest about triumphs and failures, and I'm sure together we can become teachers that make a lifelong impact on our students. 


Profe (Paul)