So, my name is Paul, but for years, I went by Profe (pronounced Pro - fey). Let me explain...

When I lived in Mexico, a student of mine in the English school where I taught started calling me "Profe". I wasn't great at Spanish, but I was good enough to finally figure out that Profe was short for "profesor." 

So when I started teaching Spanish again at Franklin Christian Academy, I decided that it would be best to go by Profe. Maybe the kids would like the nickname. Besides, I never liked being called Mr Ellsworth anyway.

Well, years later, I was stuck with it. Even the kids that I see now who have graduated still call me Profe. I'm a Spanish teacher and Paul in Spanish is Pablo. So therefore ProfePablo.com.

So, why this blog?

Teacher’s Salary Blog
ProfePablo.com has taken on many shapes over the years. I used to write about classroom management and learning in general (you can read about that in my Medium Articles). Now I am writing more about how to make the teacher’s salary work. We all know the notorious “teacher’s salary.” It is what it is. My school pays me well, but I still need a side hustle to make my living situation work. This blog is a true blog. It is my documentation of that journey.

Medium Articles
Medium is one of my favorite platforms for getting exposure. You can find my more polished articles there.

Spanish Curriculum
YouTube is one of my favorite platform for learning, but I have noticed that a lot of videos are too wordy and don’t explain Spanish very well. This is my attempt to do Spanish videos the way that I think they should be done.

English Curriculum
I know how to make languages work, and I am fluent in Spanish. I want to help Spanish speakers learn to communicate in English.